Running On The Spot


In 2020

One incredible opportunity to travel half-way across the world to run 

You are a seasoned ultra runner

You have been there and done it

You have run point-to-point

You have run a circuit

You have run laps

You have run on a treadmill

You have never run an ultra on the spot!


To a backdrop of palm trees in the resort of Flic-en-Flac on the paradise island of Mauritius you'll take on your toughest ever ultramarathon

You have just 24 hours to run 162 km (100 miles) on the spot on the beach 


Each participant will be assigned an adjudicator. Each knee raise must reach a minimum angle of negative -20 degrees to count as a valid stride

Each hour you must turn and face the

opposite way (to avoid injury)

300 knee raises equates to 1km


No Forward Motion

No Backward Motion

No Sideward Motion

No Pacers

No Sticks

Map and Compass carried at all times

What is included?

  • GPS Tracker from RaceDrone

  • 7 nights accomodation in a 3-and-a-half-palm-tree standard beach hut

  • Fully Inclusive. All meals and free coconut milk provided

  • Unlimited coconut and coconut milk while doing the ROTS

  • Coconut Awards medal

  • Gala Beach BBQ - for finshers only. If you DNF you will get a 113 MUR meal voucher for "Samuel's Beach Treats"

  • Flights not included

  • Price 21,000 MUR (£450 in GBP)

  • To register interest or register, contact us

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